Why you need a photographer

Throughout the journey in my photography career I have notice how some may not realize how important it really is to build a relationship with a photographer. Truth be told we are usually the last one everyone calls. Some may call this next statement biased but here goes. We should be if not top 3, top 5 of the individuals you call first when planning a special event, family portraits, business ventures, etc.. After all, we are the ones responsible for capturing the moment you spent your precious time planning the occasion. With quality and skill, we have the ability to freeze a moment for you to be able to cherish and take pride in for many years to come.

Now you may ask, how does one find a photographer. Well I have the answer! First know and understand that every photographer will not fit your style so from there, start to think about how you want your moments captured along with what’s most important to you. Your next step will be to start looking for photographers in your area. We are in a world where its very easy to locate a photographer whether it be through social media or a friend that has recently booked one. As you locate photographers, pay attention to their portfolio. Do their images match your style? Are they relatable? Do they shoot part time, full time or is it a hobby? Those questions are very important and if you are unable to determine that by their website, Facebook, Instagram, etc. then its possible that they may not be the photographer for you. You always want to make sure that whomever you book has the ability to capture you and yours with quality. Never hesitate to pick up the phone and give them a call to get a feel and ask any other questions you may have because remember your ultimate goal is to build a relationship.

There also may be cases where you have a different photographer for different occasions in your life and that’s okay. Having those individuals in your corner is a plus so you won’t have to always be searching for someone when you are in need of professional photography. And who doesn’t want a photographer they can always call on??!!! We are super cool friends! Get you one!

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