Behind the lens

It is an absolute honor to be able to capture moments for others to cherish for a lifetime. As I capture, my goal is to translate the story being told in each and every moment. That’s right! It’s more than just me taking a picture.

My love for photography started at a very young age. I can remember the countless times asking my parents to get film developed from my disposable cameras. At every family function, I was always the one recording to have memories archived to reminisce and reflect later on in life. Oh and beware when you watch movies with me!!! I’m the one commenting on camera shots and edits. I also occasionally rewind just to stare in awe. LOL! For many years it was just a hobby for me but as I grew into my craft, I wanted to do more.

In October of 2013, I was officially in business. It’s been an amazing journey thus far and it gives me great joy to not just be able to help others, but help others while doing what I love. I offer various styles of still and motion photography. My services are not only limited to Charleston, SC. I am willing & able to travel around the country.

I look forward to sharing amazing moments as I embark on this awesome journey with amazing clients translating stories through visual art!

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